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SeaPerch Build Day Sign Up – 23 Jan 2016, 9-12

Good morning SeaPerch!
Please find below the link to sign up your school for this year’s SeaPerch build day, graciously hosted by Wahiawa Elementary.

Please fill out the form here:

Event Particulars:

Who – Any school that needs help assembling their SeaPerch ROV
What – Hands on interaction with volunteers to learn the skills needed to build your SeaPerch ROV.  We may not complete your ROV, but you and your students will be guided through all of the key steps required for completion.  You must bring your own kit to the event.
Where – Wahiawa Elementary School Cafeteria
When – Saturday, 23 Feb 2016 from 9-12
How much – Free!
Additionally, this year we are asking that each school that attends provide one volunteer from 7:30 to 8:30.  This volunteer will be trained by experienced SeaPerch mentors so a) the build day goes smoother b) school’s leave with a trained SeaPerch builder on their staff!
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another exciting school year! We at SeaPerch-Hawaii hope everyone is looking forward about the upcoming year and another rousing SeaPerch competition. While we work with our generous partners to ensure funding for schools that may not otherwise have the means to participate, we would like to highlight for those schools who are interested in purchasing there own kits that they can be found online through the national SeaPerch organization.

Kits range in price from $134 to $169 depending on whether or not you get the battery. For schools that already have a robot and are looking to replace a few parts, spare motors & propellers can be purchased for a nominal cost.

As always, we strive to provide as many kits as we can so that all schools that are interested can participate. Last year we had over 17 schools, and we hope to have even more interest this year!

Build Day

Photos from our build day at Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary

Can’t wait to see the robots in action on 3 May.