SeaPerch Championship Event Updates

The big event is almost here.  Some information to pass

1. Updated Hawaii Rules.  All the changes are highlighted.  Most of this is from lessons learned at the practice event last Saturday and input from participants – fun is the goal.
2. Latest participant list – make sure this correct and confirm this.  Pay attention to the number of teams for your school and the robot class.
3. SeaPerch Volunteers  – there are still a few open slots.  Teachers if you had a parent that was willing to help out, that would be great.  I most likely would not need them, but it is nice to have a backup.
4. Menu Specials – last year we were not ready for the demand.  This year we are ready – Ono Grinds!  They will be open early for a breakfast snack also.
5. Event location and map of the event

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