The Video – Common Questions

Look at the rubric on the here for the presentation and the guidance in the local rules. You are not being judged on anything other than answering these questions:

1. The presentation should show the team members understanding of the build they completed and the related engineering concepts.
2. What did your SeaPerch need to do, and how did you design it to meet that requirement?
3. How long did it take you to build and test your SeaPerch? Describe the process.
4. Who did what on your team and why? What skills did the team have, and what skills had to be
5. What changes, if any, did your team choose to make to the design? Why?
6. What did your team learn from the testing and evaluation of the abilities of your SeaPerch prior to the challenge?

With a simple camera phone, film the kids explaining the poster and you have answered the requirements of the video. You are not being judged on the quality of the video, only answering the above questions.

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