Game Day is right around the corner

1. Base access for participants is one of the most problematic areas. This year we are going to make it easier. We will distribute a parking pass for the “Practice Event” and “Competition Day”. Teachers – any parent that plans to drive on Coast Guard Base Honolulu (unless they have a Military ID) must have one of these passes for their car. You will be able to reproduce locally to give to your parents. I will need the name of the person who will be overall responsible for the school during the events and also an additional person who will be at the events that can be called if there is a mixup at the gate. That person will go to the gate to verify school affiliation. I will need a phone number for those two people. Each car must have a current registration, and valid inspection sticker.

2. The following schools have requested to participate at the practice: Highlands Intermediate, Nanakuli Elem, Pearl Harbor Kai, Iroquois Elementary. If there are any others, let me know. The Practice Session will be 26 April, 0800 to 1300 at Coast Guard Base Honolulu.

3. One last popup opportunity to help build your robots. This weekend at Wahiawa Elementary School. We will be there from 0800 to 1300. If you would like to come, let me know.

4. Schools have requested that we have an “Open Class” in addition to the “Stock Class”. I think that is great. We will add an “Open Class”. They will compete during the competition with the stock class, but will be judged against other “Open Class” robots. There will only be a 1st Place Trophy. There will not be an innovative design award in the open class unless we get four teams registered in the open class.

Rules for the “Open Class” are pretty simple:

Vehicles should consist of the parts and components utilized within the SeaPerch kit to the maximum extent possible and shall be subject to the following:
Teams have no budget limit. (Budgets should be tracked for presentation to Judges during poster presentation)
Hooks and attachments may be added/removed depending on the competition round.
Teams may only utilize 3 stock SeaPerch motors in thrusters (Jameco P/N 232022).
Teams will design for and utilize a 12-volt power source. Over charging or stacking batteries is not allowed. A 10-Amp Max fuse shall be used for safety.
The vehicle may be reset by the teams during the competition
The vehicle cannot be dragged via the tether.
No dimension shall be larger than 22 (minimum obstacle diameter)

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